At the northern tip of Kefalonia lies the picturesque village of Fiscardo. It escaped the destruction of the 1953 earthquake, which flattened most of the island, and is one of the few remaining traditional villages.

Sarah's home is situated five minutes from Fiscardo. The road meanders up the hillside, through the unspoiled beauty and peace of the lush pine and cypress covered hillside which is dotted with pretty hamlets. When you reach the house, you are met by stunning views over the Ionian Sea to the islands of Ithaca and Lefkas. The garden (another of Sarah's passionss!) has been planted with olive trees. lemon trees, lavender and jasmine. This is a perfect location for a quiet, undisturbed massage, where you will be soothed by the murmur of the breeze in the trees and calmed by the warm scent of the land.

Even though Sarah works mainly from home, if requested, she is available to come to wherever you are staying.

How to get there:

From Maganos:
Take the 3rd left turn which is in the village of Matsukata, up the steep hill and it’s the 2nd house on the left about 500m along the road.

From Fiscardo:
Drive along the coast and take the road up hill through the 1st village of Tselendata, up to Matsukata. Look out for road widening, where there is a tall stone wall with steps leading up to a play area, a bench next to a phone box and rubbish bins. Here you need to do a full turn and take the road up to a short steep hill. From here, it’s the 2nd house on the left about 500m along the road.